Shooting pain in tooth? Here’s what it could be.

Shooting pain in tooth? Dr. Julie Glud tells you four things it could be. Call our Lombard, IL, dental office at (630) 629-5700 for long-lasting relief from dental pain

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If you’re Googling, “Shooting pain in tooth,” then it’s probably safe to say that you’re looking for speedy relief. But, if you don’t know what is causing the pain, then it might be difficult to get the relief you need. That’s why a visit with a qualified restorative dentist is your best defense against dental pain.


At Dental Care of Lombard, Dr. Julie Glud and her talented team are here to help you diagnose painful toothaches and get lasting relief. Don’t live with the pain any longer–schedule an appointment with our Lombard, IL, dental team today. Patients can request an appointment on our website, or they may call our office at (630) 629-5700.


Meanwhile, let our team discuss four things that might cause a shooting pain in your tooth. Knowing the cause of the pain is the first step in reclaiming your oral health and getting much-needed relief.

Tooth Sensitivity

A shooting pain in teeth after ingesting hot or cold foods and beverages or while chewing could indicate thinning tooth enamel. When tooth enamel begins to wear away, the sensitive dentin underneath gets exposed. And, when dentin comes in contact with extreme temperatures or pressure, the results can be excruciating.


Dr. Glud can help you address tooth sensitivity with dental bonding. This minimally-invasive procedure reinforces weak enamel, which limits sensitivity and improves oral function.

Dental Damage

Cracked, broken, or fractured teeth can result in shooting pain. However, dental damage may not be apparent immediately. Oftentimes, patients crack a tooth and never know until the tooth gets infected. 


If you notice dental damage, then don’t delay–contact Dr. Glud immediately. Treating damage early could prevent dental infections, which may eliminate the need for more invasive procedures (like an extraction or root canal).


Dr. Glud can protect damaged teeth with dental crowns. These unique prosthetics completely cover compromised teeth, which effectively restores teeth’s function and prevents further damage.


Bruxism–also called teeth grinding–is a sleep condition in which patients subconsciously grind and clench their teeth while they slumber. Bruxism affects nearly 10% of the total population, and it  can have devastating effects on our oral health. The persistent pressure and friction can damage teeth over time, leading to sensitivity, shooting pain, and dysfunction.


A custom-made oral appliance (frequently called a night guard) helps cushion teeth while patients sleep. As a result, patients can prevent dental damage and reduce oral pain.

Dental Abscess

When a damaged tooth becomes infected, it can create a dental abscess. Typically, abscesses present as a red, painful, and inflamed bump on the gums. These infections can cause extreme dental pain and even spread to the bloodstream, which can lead to life-threatening sepsis. 


Subsequently, patients should treat a dental abscess as quickly as possible. Dr. Glud can treat the infection with antibiotics and help you repair your tooth and oral health with restorative treatments.

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